Welcome to my Blog, “Travelogues, Memories and Reflections!”

I have just begun a sixty-day journey across China and into Tibet. I arrived yesterday in Beijing, and in a few days my partner and I will take the train to Xi’an, where the adventure will really start!

We will be setting off on our bicycles to follow the Old Silk Route from it’s starting point in Xi’an west, all the way to Xinjiang Province. From there, we will head to Lhasa, tour Tibet for almost two weeks, and then fly to Shanghai. On July 3rd, we will return to our home in New Zealand.

I intend to post my observations, reflections, and feelings about the journey here, on Wordsmith, as close to daily as I can manage, and I invite you along for the ride!

For a selection of the thousands of photos we have taken on this trip, please go to my partner Tali’s blog, at http://www.Talilandsman.wordpress.com.


One Response to Welcome to my Blog, “Travelogues, Memories and Reflections!”

  1. Hello Jules–hope you & Tali are thoroughly enjoying your Thailand travels! Writing to let you know I just recommended your blog to Scott Schuman at The Sartorialist who posted this inquiry yesterday:

    “Next week I’ll be in Morocco visiting Marrakech, the Atlas Mountains, Skoura and Ouarzazate, and other places. Does anyone have suggestions on where to go? I’m especially looking to visit interesting villages in the Atlas mountains or any points of interest in the general Marrakech area as I’ll be using it as a base for the last two days of the trip.”

    If you have any thoughts for him & have time, you can post them on thesartorialist.com

    All best to you,

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