A Day in Agadir

Tali left our room pretty early this morning, as she looked out the window at the pool deck below, and saw many of her favorite lounge areas already taken by even-earlier birds.  So she grabbed a still-excellent spot on one of the cushioned beds for two, and I joined her a little bit later, after she was already enjoying being in her full-luxuriating mode. 

We will be leaving this prized location at the Sofitel to walk down the beach boardwalk to try another restaurant for lunch – so far, the two that we have eaten at while here in Agadir have been superb, reason enough for a visit to Agadir, without even considering the huge expanse of beach, cleaned daily by the town, or the delightful climate.  

As we begin our walk, we are approached by a young girl on a small bicycle, asking for dirhams – yes, believe it or not, begging by children here in Agadir is done by bicycle or kick scooter!  These kids are reasonably well dressed and well-fed, and I guess they figure they can cover more ground – and collect more dirhams – by getting around the long boardwalk quicker. She approaches us with her hand out, and when we ignore her, she’s off like a shot to try her luck with the next strolling tourists she sees.  

The restaurant that we were looking for, based on very positive online ratings, is located a couple of blocks off of the beach boardwalk, and is absolutely deserted when we get there.  Looking at the menu, I don’t see why this place was even recommended in the first place, but I’ve found restaurant recommendations to be even less reliable than hotel picks; for example, here in a coastal town, known for its seafood all over Morocco, many TripAdvisor critics based their reviews on the quality of their steaks!  Tali and I decide that this place is not worth the risk of a bad meal,  when there is the certainty of a great lunch awaiting us at Le Flore Restaurant on the boardwalk, where we ate a late dinner last night.  

So we returned to the boardwalk, all the while enjoying the walk in the balmy sunshine today, along the lovely beach here in Agadir.  We are here in the off-season, and we are staying in a five star hotel, and we have only spent two days here…so I can only report on what I’ve experienced, not the way this place might be in the high season, when it could very well be overrun by package tourists from all over Europe.  

At least for us, our hotel, the Sofitel, is very comfortable, with more than enough room outdoors, either by the swimming pools or by the ocean, for the number of people staying here, we can walk to an excellent seafood restaurant, Le Flore, for either lunch or dinner, and have a table available with no waiting, and there are a number of cafes for a tea or coffee break, as we continue walking down the boardwalk, enjoying the sunny weather, to see the new, upscale Marina development at the far end of the beach, near the working port.  

We have enjoyed our brief stay here in Agadir…while it’s not the Morocco of the Atlas Mountains, nor of the Todra Gorges,  nor of the Sahara Desert, it is a part of the contemporary culture here in Morocco, home to more than 700,000 people, many of whom enjoy a much more free and relaxed lifestyle than elsewhere in the country.  



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I live, when not traveling, in Sweetwater, Colorado, located in between Vail and Aspen, and in Kohukohu, a small town on the Hokianga Harbour in New Zealand. I write travelogues, memoirs, and reflections when I'm not skiing, biking, or otherwise outdoors. I retired recently from a career in the financial services industry that spanned more than twenty-five years.
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